How to exchange the NFT-voucher into a real work of art

Send Email

If you want to exchange the NFT voucher against the real artwork inclusive the golden eye, send us an email with your wallet address, the name of the Blockchain and the NFT blockchain ID to: Send Mail
Please include your name, address, telephone number, the motive (eg. lucky Boy #0012) etc. We need all information to contact you and prepare an offer or invoice.

Our Offer

We will send you an offer to your email address for the redemption of the NFT voucher. The return of the NFT allows verification of your rightful claim to the genuine artwork, including the golden eyes. The price for the NFT will be around the actual official stock market price for Gold in USD (USDT or USDC).

Check here: Gold Price. One 1 oz. Krugerrand coin contains one ounce of Gold!

Order Real Art Work

Once the NFT has been transferred back to OneGoldenEye, we will make you an offer for the real artwork. The price for the Gold will be around the actual official stock market price for Gold. After receiving the payment, we will prepare the artwork for collection.


Once the real artwork is created, we will send you a confirmation and you can pick up your real artwork including the Krugerrand at the address specified in the offer.

NOTE: Your transport should be insured accordingly!



Lets get in touch. Send us a message: